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Welcome to Bacon Creek Kennel

I am selling out and ALL DOGS ARE GONE.  Also I am selling all the material to build the Kennel runs that I have in my barn.  call for prices and these can be separated.


Bacon Creek Beagles in Richmond, KY

My name is Aaron Jaggers and I raise, breed and sell AKC field trial quality rabbit hunting beagles. I am located in Richmond, Kentucky just south of Lexington and 10 minutes from I-75. I've owned rabbit hunting beagles off and on since I was a kid. Until 2001 they were just your average country boy rabbit dogs. Now, I raise and breed field trial quality rabbit hunting beagles for sale.

I grew up in Bonnieville, Kentucky; a little town of 300 in Hart County.

Bacon Creek is little creek that runs through that area. I never owned a registered beagle until the late 80's, but I did own a pretty nice coon dog named Bacon Creek Cricket. It was only appropriate that I use that kennel name because I lived on that creek and Cricket treed her first coon there. I joined the military in 1984 and spent the next 8 years living in Virgina and South Carolina without beagles. In 1992 I moved back to Kentucky and wasn't in a position to get back into beagling until 2001. I knew Pastor Gary Brown of Browns LA Beagles because I knew someone that went to his Church.  I wanted to get a pair of AKC beagles and stop the aggravation of owning grade beagles that wouldn't mind.  I bought a nice pair of females from Pastor Gary for $1300 and I have been breeding AKC beagles for hunting and field trialing ever since..

I get several phone calls from people wanting to buy hunting beagles, but not field trial beagles.  I tell them for me they are the same.  I not only field trial my beagles, but gun hunt over them as well.  All well bred hunting beagles should be gunned over every season, because that is the real reson they exist isn't it?


My desire is to produce smooth running  line control hounds that will hunt their own rabbit and be able to run that rabbit under any condition at the speed necessary.  I want to breed a hound that is easy to handle, runs straight at any position in the pack and has great check work.  A good field trial hound shouldn't have to run the front all the time to be noticed.  This web site was not established for the sole purpose of selling Rabbit Hunting Beagles.  It was estabished to promote my breed of beagles and give rabbit hunters in Kentucky and the surrounding area a place to purchase a nice Rabbit Hunting Beagle.  I keep most of the pups that I breed to test for there ability to field trial.  Most of the beagles for sale go to rabbit hunters because they are going to be too small or they don't meet my high standards to be a trialable hound. 


I know that this information might seem unnecessary to most, but I wanted to tell a little about my kennel and start in AKC SPO/Brace field trials.  If you see my kennel name on my truck please come by and say hi.  I look forward to meeting you at field trials soon.


Beagles For Sale in Kentucky

This site is a great place to find Beagles for Sale in Kentucky as well as in Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Virginia & Tennessee.


Additional Information

Video of AKC Field trials.  A little old but a good example of line control.


Bacon Creek Kennel

Aaron Jaggers
Richmond, KY

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